Different Types of Advertisement

Different types of advertising

Advertisement can be defined as the act of promoting a brand in various ways. It is a practice that is leveraged by businesses to promote products and services that they sell which leads to customer acquisition and boost sales.

Advertisement holds an important place in the hearts of businesses. It is the one thing that has become a necessity in today’s day-to-day lives. It has become an essential tool that aids in selling and buying products. With time, technology has taken over the world and many types of advertising were introduced. Let’s have a look at the various types of advertisements that are at play today:

 1. Newspaper Advertising: newspaper advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertisement. It is still the first kind of advertising that businessmen think about. Ads in newspapers is a great way to reach a large number of people, especially people aged over 45 years.

2. Paid Search Advertisement: Paid Search Advertising is another market strategy that is used by many businessmen. Here, brands pay search engines for ad placements on SERPs. Such ads work on a pay-per-click basis, which means that businesses only pay when the ads get clicked.

3. Social Media Advertising: Social Media Advertising can be defined as a form of digital marketing which serves up paid ads to the said brand’s target audience using certain social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc. Marketers and advertisers take advantage of the various social media platforms to connect with their present and potential customers. We could say that social media advertising is a way through which various brands try to get themselves noticed in the ever-complicated online world.

4. Native Advertising: Native advertisements come in the form of articles and videos on websites that have similar content in them. Native advertisements camouflage themselves in plain sight. They provide consumers with relevant information, by matching the natural flow of the website and do not make the users feel that they are engaging with an ad.

5. Direct Mail Advertising: Direct Mail Advertising is any physical correspondence that you can send to customers. It allows you to communicate with your target audience and increases the chances of people buying your products and services. In other words, it allows you to control who receives the message once it is delivered.

6. Television Advertising: Television Advertising is undisputedly the highest-ranking type of advertising, even in the 21st century. It is also the priciest, due to its effectiveness. Jingles and graphics are used to make these ads more attractive to consumers.

7. Radio Advertising: The oldest form of advertising, Radio Advertising is one of the most traditional and popular forms of advertising. Many brands buy spots in the radio industry to promote their products and services. Advertisers pay commercial radio stations for airtime, in exchange for commercial spots.

8. Podcast Advertising: This form of advertising serves up ads to the listeners in the middle of a podcast episode. Since podcasts have been gaining a lot of momentum, ads in podcasts are more effective and targeted.

9. Mobile Advertising: The term mobile advertising refers to any form of advertising that appears on devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Companies advertise their brands through text messages or banner advertisements. They may also be found in apps and games.

With the various kinds of advertisements, both new and old, businesses today get a chance to fight the fair fight in this competitive world. With the help of their preferred mode of advertisement, brands have not only found a way to connect with their consumers, but many institutions have successfully used it to change public opinion, and create social awareness.



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